Yoga vs. Pilates

Whether you’re a hard-core athlete or a parent on the go, we all could use stronger muscles and greater flexibility. Both Yoga and Pilates are great ways to get your body in better shape, strengthen your muscles, relieve stress and gain more flexibility. The question is: which one is better? Yoga The movements and poses … More Yoga vs. Pilates

DIY Snowflake Candle

Christmas is less than a week away! ❄ Don’t throw away your plastic Amino VITAL canisters. Incorporate them into your Christmas decor! Materials needed: Amino VITAL canister Glitter spray paint White paint Paint brush Peel / stick foam OR Snowflake sticker Scissors Ribbon or cord of choice BATTERY OPERATED candle Step 1: Take the label off … More DIY Snowflake Candle

DIY Canister Snowman

🎄 Christmas time is here! 🎄 Don’t throw your plastic Amino VITAL canisters away. Here is a crafty way to incorporate them into your Christmas decor! How-to video: Music: Frosty the Snowman – Swing Shift by The Orchard Music, Somerset Entertainment Materials needed: AminoVITAL canister White paint Black paint Paint brush Ribbon or fabric of … More DIY Canister Snowman